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Utility Wire

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Process of Recycling Copper Wire   by Charly Richards

Copper wire is known to be a very valuable material and is widely used and for many purposes; the best part about it is that it is recyclable. The old copper wire products that have been replaced and are kept in your garage or store room can be sold off for recycling. That ways you help in saving your environment and making a little extra money for yourself simultaneously. Copper wire is used because copper offers the least resistance to current, save silver, thus being a relatively inexpensive material for wiring. However before proceeding with the copper wire recycling process it is always good to know about the local recycling or the metal salvage yard.

Here are a few steps to recycling of the copper you have in your home:

* Assess at the copper wire you are planning to sell. Copper products such as Bunched Tinned Wire, Tin Wire, Tinned Wire, Copper Flexible Connectors, etc. often have some writing on plastic insulation. You can read the same and then separate wire type into a separate pile.
* Thereafter you can remove the attachments that lower the value of the metal; the attachments could include the brass connectors or solder. A screw driver can be used to remove attachments; wire cutter can be utilized to cut off the soldered regions.
* You can then cut the wire into the 24 to 36-inch sections using a wire cutter. As a result the wire becomes manageable for transportation.
* A basic hand-held wire stripper can be used to strip plastic insulation. Though there are facilities that do not want the wire to be stripped, most of them want stripped wire.
* Segregate each of the different wire. You can then load the boxes in your vehicle for recycling the scrap metal.

Wide range of products including bunched tinned wire, tinned wire, copper flexible connectors, etc. are used across various industrial segments, however when its time for replacement, copper is wasted by not seeking the option of recycling. Recycling is so very easy, eco-friendly and profit making process. It is amazing to know that about 75% of copper for usage in United states comes through recycling. Thus we can see how significant recycling can be.

Copper Wire possesses exceptional conductivity, making it an essential component in many electrical systems. Coating the wire with tin provides it with even more durability and strength. There are two ways to produce tinned copper wire. The first is known as hot dipping, in which the strands of copper are dipped into melted tin. The other option is electroplating, which uses a rectifier and electrical charge to tin the copper.

There are more than one advantages of recycling. Firstly it saves all the fuel that has been used in the manufacturing of copper. Moreover it also saves the environment from the harmful effects of fuel that is burnt (releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere) in the manufacturing process, thus is an eco-friendly approach. Recycling copper also eliminates wastage and the expenditure involved in the disposal process.

About the Author

Charly is working as an author since the last 5 years. He has written on various topics such as Copper Wire, Tinned Wire, Copper Flexible Connectors, etc.
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