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Three Levels of 'Intelligence:' Windows v.Next to Preview in Q1 (readwriteweb)

People paid to be analysts have told me the key distinguishing factor between
Linux and Windows architecture is that Linux is small enough to be implanted
in a device, while Windows is almost too big to be a consumer operating
system. This has actually never been true, so I rarely talk with these
particular analysts more than once.

But if Windows truly is to become implantable, if you will, anywhere and on
any device, it must be more modular, and those modules must easily scale.
These are the goals which Microsoft is working to address with its latest
round of changes to its Windows Embedded platform. Today, Barb Edson, senior
director of Microsoft's Windows Embedded marketing group, told RWW that
developers will be able to begin testing the first embeddable kernels based on
the forthcoming Windows 8 platform in the first quarter of 2012.


It will be the first version of Windows to use the "v.Next" monitor, and it
will be geared for devices that require rich controls, such as customer-facing
kiosks and point-of-sale systems. But it will not look like any version of
Windows you've ever seen before. That's because what it looks like, ...


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