Retention Duty

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Duty Holsters with Tac light.?

I am looking for a Level 3 retention duty holster for a glock 22 with a light. I am currently trying the Uncle Mikes Evo 3 but it's really bulky and tight when removing the pistol. Anyone with actual experiance with a good holster?
Yes I understand that retention is built in. (this is not my first holster) I also found that my Tac light was causing the unwanted retention so thats no longer an issue.

But the Evo3 is still extreemly bulky (it looks like its from Star Wars) and I would like a little slimer holster.


Most level 3 holsters I have seen are supposed to be that way - however with wear they will ease up. What you are looking for is not available - the purpose of a L-3 is weapon retention - not for it to be easily removed from the holster.

Retention Duty

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