Magnetic Signs

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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs, Can You Design Your Own?

Make a striking Sign Banner by John Victor

Designing a banner from scratch is the most difficult task involved when shopping for sign banner. When a customer gives us the basic message and asks us to be creative, we need to be exclusive every time. Since the primary goal of a sign banner is to grab the viewer's attention and then pass on the message, the banner needs to be readable and visually attractive. You can follow the below given steps to start an appealing and attractive banner, and to maximize its effectiveness.

Select compatible font styles.

Avoid using more than two kinds of styles when making sign banner. Fonts such as Old English Text and Engraved are just impossible to read easily from a distance and should only be used when the viewer is stationary for a period of time like in any conference hall, meeting room or at any retail store. So you need to use compatible font styles.

Use suitable Graphics

Logos, clip art, borders, etc. can well be used to grasp the viewer's thought, but need not overwhelm the sign's chef message. If the viewer is only focusing on the cool clip art or graphic, then the message has been lost. As you walk around your community look around all the banners vying for your attention. Concentrate on the one that stands out. Just take a note on one or two elements of the sign banner design or road sign that attracts you, and then those could be well applied appropriately when you are designing you sign banner.

Use best color combinations.

Your customers might already have a color blend they desire to use for their sign banner or Vinyl Banners. Sometimes this is a real good thing, and sometimes it is as well bad. The best scenario could be when your customer asks you for assistance in choosing apt colors for their sign banner.

Although these are good common guidelines, they may not always offer desired visual results. Use your own carefulness and intuition to assist your customer. Creating attractive and successful signage is necessary for your customers' satisfaction and is certain to guarantee repeat business.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I heard that has full color car magnetic signs that are great (and cheap). Has anyone used them?

My friend went to, and he and his wife loved the job they did, but I've never purchased something like this without meeting the people making it (in person) and talking to them about my ideas. How's their customer service? I mean, did you feel comfortable with them being in charge of creating your magnetics?


I found great car magnetic signs at They’re full color, beautifully designed, and they were cheap. I would recommend Signazon to any of my friends (or strangers, in this case!).


As far as customer service goes, they were amazing. I had more personal attention from a designer and staff members than I ever had at a walk-in sign shop.

I would definitely listen to your friend. I felt very comfortable with the people I spoke with at I only had one question that I had to call in and ask about, and they treated me like a queen. I felt very taken care of; I was never worried that I was going to get something I didn't want. Try them out!