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Hot Coat Powder

Why Is The Eastwood HotCoat Powder Coating System Better Than Painting

Are Electric Pressure Washers Right for Your Business?   by Lauren Zwiebel

Many commercial buyers purchase electric pressure washers rather than propane, diesel, or gas pressure washers. This does not mean that you have to buy electric pressure washers, too. Before you purchase electric-powered, hot water pressure washers for your business, you need to consider all contributing factors.

Electricity Availability

Electric pressure washers, needless to say, cannot run without electricity. Are you expecting to be working in areas with short supply of electricity? If you are required to operate in under-construction buildings, open highways, and similar places, you have to consider this factor before buying an electric machine. Also make sure the area has ample electricity supply or a generator to run your machine on.

Fuel Cost Benefits

Some people find that gasoline or diesel costs them less in the long term, when compared with electric machines. This is not true for all places and you should calculate mileage and cost in your area before taking a call.


Many electrical pressure washing machines are equipped for long distance transportation. However, some contractors find non-electric machines more convenient because they do not have a power cord. This heightened mobility is beneficial in remote locations where electricity may not be available.

The type of machine you choose ideally depends on the size of the area to be covered. Commercial electrical pressure washing machines usually come fitted with large hoses. Some hoses are as long as 300 feet without losing cleaning power, which allows the user to cover a fairly large area without moving the machine around. If you have to work more than 300 feet from the electrical outlet, an electric-powered unit is not for you.

Why Electric Pressure Washers?

What are the specific advantages of using electric pressure washers? Wet steam and even hot water pressure washers powered by electricity may be more cost effective if electricity costs less than other fuels in your area. Electric machines are comparatively low maintenance as the engine is not exposed to oils. Electric machines are low noise, low emission machines, which makes them perfect for indoor use. Subject to the availability of electricity, these high pressure washing systems are perfect for outdoor use as well.

On the other hand, gas pressure washers and diesel pressure washers should not be used indoors. Like an electric machine, however, commercial and industrial gas, propane, and diesel pressure washing machines can support long hoses. The machine may be left outside while the hose is extended indoors for cleaning.

Electrical pressure washers are powerful tools for diverse applications. They are used in commercial and even industrial areas such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, malls, kitchens, basements, driveways, factories, warehouses, roads, bus and train stations, and so on.

Regardless of the power method you select, it is essential to purchase from top-rated suppliers, known for their production of high quality machinery. The following are highlights of high quality pressure washing machines:

  • High pressure level: An electric pressure washer may have pressure levels as high as 8000 psi. These machines are used in factories, public work departments, aviation industry, and agricultural sector for removing grease, road dust, hydrocarbons, plant sap, and other dirt from equipment, vehicles, storage areas, sheds, and other surfaces.
  • High temperature: Hot water quickly dissolves grease, detergent residues, and many types of dirt. You can purchase machines that attain temperatures as high as 330°F.
  • Corrosion resistance: Prolonged exposure to detergents and chemicals take a toll on machines not equipped to handle corrosive chemicals and moisture. Therefore, choose a machine preferably with stainless steel housing -- powder coated steel is chip resistant as well. The hose and nozzles should also be durable.

Electric machines offer many advantages if used in the right setting. The buyer must carefully consider their intended applications before buying them.

About the Author

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Frequently Asked Questions...

2 Tone Powder Coating?

A friend and i are thinking about powder coating some engine parts and our rims. we are about to buy all of the supplies including the sandblaster, hot coat powder coating gun, powder and anything else we need. but my question is when we start to do our valve covers on our cars we want to do a 2 tone job. for example we would want the valve cover to be white and the the nissan logo and name to be red. how would we go about doing that? or another example if i wanted my rims to be mirror black but i wanted the lips of the rims to be chrome.


A few things to consider from the coatings performance point of view:

-The valve covers get hot and are exposed to petroleum distillates. Be very sure you get the right powder product and prepare the surfaces correctly or, your paint job will last less than a few hours. Even so, White colors yellow terribly with heat. Expect to be disapointed.

-wheels. This is my specialty. I am inthis industry supplying coatings to OEM and aftermarket wheel guys. Wheel painting is a tedious process. I assume your rims are aluminum. Painting aluminum requires a multistep pretreatment process to get good adhesion. Then a good powder coating for corrosion and durability. Then painting and a good clear coat. The paint is usually baked 30 minutes at 150 Celsius to get good cure and performance. Any air dry coating you might consider will last all of a few months. Chroming and painting are different processes and do not blend well. I applaud you for being creative, but your plan is a tough one to achieve with any long term durability. Good luck. Hope it looks great.