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Benjamin Electric KM 8200 Siren Horn Motor Air Raid Vintage Used

Horn Siren

chevy ambulance-Lights & Sirens and Horn.

A siren police is a necessary piece of equipment on a police vehicle. by Punjabi Sunil

It's not good to think of someone needing police assistance. Unfortunately, many of us may well be caught up in a situation some day, and the siren police sound on their approach would be a welcome sound. If you do need police assistance you can rest assured that they will get to any scene as fast as possible, and the audible and visible warnings help them get there safely. Most police departments will be told to get to a scene quickly but not at the risk of public safety and that is where the siren police use and the lights come to the fore.

There are however instances when police vehicles will employ a more stealthy approach. Most undercover operations would not need the use of siren or any lights until the last moment. Then the siren police employ would be utilized to its fullest. Sirens can come with variable sound and that is important. A short sharp yelp sound would tend to be used in certain traffic conditions, such as heavy slow traffic. A siren police wail sound would possibly be used at junctions to warn of their approach.

On some police vehicles, it may be appropriate to have an air horn siren police can use, although this would depend on the state and type of vehicle in use. Regardless of state or vehicle type, an audible warning is not only necessary but also vital. Visible warnings can't always be seen; they may be out of our line of vision. However, the audible siren police have on the vehicle is hard to miss. It could be said that we hear so many police or emergency vehicle sirens that they become ineffective, but without them, so many more lives are at risk.

The next time you do hear any siren police have in use, listen to the different sounds and how effective it actually is. On our city streets, the sound reverberates and can be heard from great distance. Likewise, on the highway the sound of siren police have will be audible from some way behind and ahead. If you hear a siren of any kind, please be aware of any advice on letting the vehicle pass. Many states now have a 'Move Over' law, which stipulates how you should react when you see/hear any emergency vehicle approach.

Instead of thinking of the wail of a siren police use as a frightening scary thing, think of it as a comforting thing. Anyone involved in an incident, whether it be on the road, street or in their home, will look forward to hearing the siren police have in place. On the plus side also, the sound of an approaching police siren would likely strike fear into the heart of anyone involved in any wrongdoing. Therefore, the siren police have, is not only vital it is something we should sometimes welcome as somewhere out their people need their assistance.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/A-siren-police-is-a-necessary-piece-of-equipment-on-a-police-vehicle--/921241

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Examples of Doppler Effect?

What are some examples of the doppler effect? Other than the obvious car horn, siren, plane, train.
I already have a police speed radar
thanks in advance for any help!


Anything where there are waves produced. You do not want sound waves example, but then there are light waves and water waves.

light waves are electromagnetic and do not require a medium to travel through. The velocity of light waves is the same in all inertial frames, however the velocity of sound is not.

Even though the Doppler effect equations for light and sound are completely different, at low speeds they both produce approximately the same result. Hence at low relative velocities between the source and the detector, the same equation can be applied for light as well.

Also, the Doppler effect has a major application in the field of space research and has helped scientists towards a major discovery - that the galaxies were moving away, from which the scientists have realized that the universe is expanding. It has also been found that the distant a galaxy, the faster it is moving away.

Also an object moving across water produces disturbances at the same frequency. Say it is moving towards the right, each consecutive disturbance originates from a position which is closer to observer B and farther from observer A. Subsequently, each consecutive disturbance has a shorter distance to travel before reaching observer B and thus takes less time to reach observer B. Thus, observer B observes that the frequency of arrival of the disturbances is higher than the frequency at which disturbances are produced. On the other hand, each consecutive disturbance has a further distance to travel before reaching observer A. For this reason, observer A observes a frequency of arrival which is less than the frequency at which the disturbances are produced. The net effect of the source of waves is that the observer towards whom the object is moving observes a frequency which is higher than actual and the observer away from whom the object is moving observes a frequency which is less than actual.