Holster Sig Sauer

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Holster Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer P226 factory paddle holster and magazine pouch re

3 Main Shoulder Gun Holster Purchasing Pointers For Paintball Enthusiasts

Every single time I'm going for a round of paintball with my best friends. I return home with bruises. Sometimes the only part of me that's free from any pain is my head and that is just because I wear a super cool Storm Soldier electrified paintball mask. Every single paintball related gear matters, from the usually overlooked leg gun holster to the paintball markers.

Essentially, my paint ball gear consists of a really pleasant and accurate paintball marker pistol, a shoulder gun holster and my main preferred weapon, a close quarters paintball marker. I admit that I paid a large amount of attention to the markers and never truly paid much attention to the rest of my gear, particularly my shoulder gun holster. Please don't make the same gaffe or you will regret it later .

Shoulder Gun Holster Variety
Basically there are 3 sorts of holsters. Naturally, whatever type you choose, they have them for both right-handed individuals as well as lefties. The 1st type of shoulder gun holster positions the marker in a vertical position with the barrel facing the ground. I presently have this model and although my fellow paintball pals prefer this type, I do not. For whatever reason, I find it tricky draw the marker without effort.

The second type is also a vertical position model but with the barrel facing upward. Again, this isn't a very cushty position for me. And again, many do not share my sentiments.

The third type is the horizontal position model, with the barrel facing back. This is the one I should have bought but did not even know it existed till a couple of weeks after I had made my purchase. To me, the horizontal position allows for quicker access to the marker. The entire process of drawing and re-holstering appears more natural with this kind of holster.

Comfort should be at the top of the list for leg gun holster or any type of holster for what it's worth. When it comes to shoulder holsters, you have to make sure the weight is distributed uniformly across your shoulders or else you might find yourself with pins and needles or even insensibility in your arms.

Easy Access
Good shoulder holsters are held in position by shoulder as well sternum straps. I like holsters without flaps as I feel it impedes access to the marker as well as slows down re-holstering. Another factor which has effects on re-holster ease is the flexibility of the holster itself. If the holster is too flexible, it can't keep its shape and you would need two hands to return the marker to its original position.

Additional Suggestion
Whatever tactical or military gear you get for your paintball sessions, be it chest rigs or gun shoulder holsters, confirm its is from a reputable brand. Often, the more reputable brands feature a lifetime warranty. Don't settle for anything less.

To summarise :

  • Comfort is very important factor in a shoulder gun holster
  • All paintball equipment are important
  • Purchase a holster with a lifetime warranty

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