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Teenager Cut 300 Times During Satanic Sex Ritual (newsy-allvideos)

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(Image Source: The Smoking Gun)


An Arizona teenager was stabbed and slashed more than 300 times after a sexual
encounter went south... like way south. WISN gives us some details.

**"Rebecca Chandler lured an Arizona man to her East Side apartment. According
to documents, Chandler admitted to cutting the man while having consensual
sex. But then her roommate, whom she says is into satanic activities joined in
and the cutting got out of hand."**

18-year-old Reuben Vati reportedly met Chandler online and made the 1800 mile
trek from Phoenix to Milwaukee.

Vati told police Chandler and her 20-year-old roommate Raven Larabee,
nicknamed "Scarlett," held him captive for two days and performed an apparent
satanic sex ritual.

A writer for Gawker says- at first the raunchy sex threesome seemed like a

**"On arrival, he discovered that she and her roommate wanted to have a kinky,
possibly Satanic, threesome. So far, so awesome. And then came the part where
he was stabbed and slashed 300 times."**

Police discovered Vati bleeding from the neck, arms and back. Authorities
found bloody duct tape and bloody rope.

But, The Chicago Tribune reports what might be more interesting is ...


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