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Baton Holder

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Tactical gear is everybody's indispensable performance accessory by Punjabi Sunil

Without the right tactical gear, even the simplest job might get botched up. Even a child starting school needs its right gear in the form a sharpened pencil and eraser, or a slate and pencil if that is the norm in his part of the world. With potentially dangerous jobs like that of the police, items of right tactical gear are, more often than not, life saving devices. As such, many items like tactical goggles, tactical flashlight, tactical boots, tactical vest, tactical gloves, and tactical laser will be part of police duty gear, based on the type of job a policeman is entrusted with.

Tactical goggles are an important part of tactical gear. The goggles are made of scratchproof double lens that can fit smoothly over the helmets of police duty gear. It filters off dust, thereby providing complete protection to the eyes from dust. It is weather proof as well, keeping off rain and fog, and filters strong light and ultraviolet rays, with some varieties also providing ballistic impact protection. Besides being part of standard police gear, this equipment is also used by army personnel, especially its special task forces like that of commandoes. Tactical goggles are also used by divers, snowmobile drivers, mountaineers, and people in hazardous occupations like firefighters and rescue professionals. There are ballistic goggles as well as ballistic sunglasses for eye protection.

Like the more common tactical vest, tactical holster shirt is also a tactical gear that is a great performance aid. A tactical holster shirt has a pouch big enough to keep a small revolver concealed within it. It has also got other built in pouches that can carry an iPhone or a Walkman or even a packet of sandwiches or a water bottle if that is what the user wants to store. Even if it is not part of compulsory police duty gear, many people use tactical holster shirts while on duty, because of the comfort it provides. It is also made of breathing, moisture wicking material, with which the popular under Armour performance apparel is made of.

Tactical flashlight is another tactical gear item that is almost always part of police duty gear. The police duty belt, which contains all his life saving devices and performance accessories, will contain a tactical flashlight, most often with a spare bulb and spare batteries. The duty belt is an important item within which policemen on dangerous missions will carry much of the equipment they need for self-defense as well as for controlling the situation. Even for those on routine duty, that belt is an important tactical gear containing things like a handgun, handcuffs, extra ammunition, pepper spray, baton, radio, and other communication equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I buy my own police Equipment?

Eg: Handcuffs, Baton, Baton Holder, cs spary holder things like that
I would like to become a UK Police Officer


It depends where you live. In the US & UK it is legal for a person to buy handcuffs. In the US it is also legal to buy (in some states) batons and CS gas. Most Law Enforcement outfitters will ask for proof of occupation though. Note that Law Enforcement CS Gas is much stronger than civilian and is illegal to purchase. Remember: impersonating a police officer is a felony!

Here's a great link you might like to check out for supplies: